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Please note that part of the text was delivered by friends and it needs to be edited.
Also some parts were borrowed from Wikipedia. While these parts are factual (we hope), our opinion needs to be added to it and the facts have to be double-checked.

Right now Jack and I are busy with "killing our darlings"; not an easy task but it needs to be done.

New subjects are presenting themselves all the time. The "myth of Zionism" for example. Rather than following the Biblical story, we will stick to factual history as much as we can. And you don't know half how many myths there are, for and against the Biblical story. So we check, check, and double-check.

And then, there is so much more to write about! (Which we do.)

The friends who are helping us with this project are Benjamin Adler, Rebecca Hart, Brian Johnson and Jack Henderson.

Thanx guys!

Nathan Pinto & Jack Vanderwyk

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